How to customize Row/Column Total in Tableau

I got a requirement to display total of only two levels and I was having 4 levels in dimension variable put in Column of the table.
Column/Row Total simply adds all columns/Rows.

To achieve the target, I have used Calculated fields.

I am using Superstore dataset to recreate the problem, and its solution.

I have data in tabular format as:
How to customize RowColumn Total in tableau1

Problem is to display a column named “TOTAL” displaying total profit in year 2012 and 2014.

Then, what we need to do is to break existing 4 levels into 4 different measures and 5th will be Total. Create 5 calculated fields – 4 for 4 levels of variable and 1 for TOTAL.
How to customize RowColumn Total in tableau2

In similar way, create 2012, 2013, 2014 calculated field.
and in TOTAL put [2012]+[2014] – summation of these two calculated fields

Now drag measure names to filter and select the 5 measures and again drag measure names to columns and measure values to Text.
How to customize RowColumn Total in tableau3

In the similar way we can customize row total as well.
How to customize RowColumn Total in tableau4

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