Date Column as Global Filter Between Multiple Data Sources

Making date, a global filter, is a little bit different from making a dimension.

One of my friend has faced this scenario and while helping him on this, I came across this solution.

I am going to explain this using Superstore Sales Target dataset, please follow below steps to achieve this:

Step 1: As we know in case of date, we always select a “range” of time period.So, here in this scenario we will be needing two parameters: Start_date and End_date. Let’s create these two:

Date column as global filter1

Select data type as “Date” and populate the values in parameter using “Order_date” column. So whatever values are possible in given data, will come into our newly created parameter.

Now, after getting the values if we want to display them into a particular format. Let’s say combination of quarter and year then we can change the display format as:

Date column as global filter2

In the similar way create End_date parameter and for this set default value to the last value.
Date column as global filter3
Step 2: Create a calculated field using date column for the type of value you want to display in worksheet. For example, my friend wants to display quarter , so he will be doing this:

Date column as global filter4

Step 3: Now create a Boolean calculated field “Select Date range” as:

Date column as global filter5

Step 4: Drag this Boolean field to filter shelf and select “True”.
You can show parameter and set it to slider layout.

In the similar way we can create this Boolean field in different data sources and common parameters start_date and end_date can be used globally.

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