How to put Sheet Selector option in Tableau Dashboard

While creating a dashboard, I came across this which I am sharing with you all. It is a way to put sheet selector option in dashboards to switch between two sheets.

Let’s start working on Superstore visualization present in Tableau 9, concentrate on two sheets: “Performance” and “Forecast”

Follow below steps one by one:

STEP 1: To create a sheet selector, create a parameter named “Select Sheet” of Boolean type

Give the alias names corresponding to True and False what you like to display on dashboard

Sheet Selector 1

STEP 2: Create a calculated filed “Show” with this parameter “select Sheet”.

Sheet Selector 2

STEP 3: Now go to Worksheet “Performance”:

Right Click on “select sheet” and select “show parameter control” option

Sheet Selector 3

STEP 4: Then select “Performance” option over there:

Sheet Selector 4

STEP 5: Add “Show” to filter and assign True to this. As we have written Performance against “TRUE”, hence we should get option true in filter

Sheet Selector 5

Sheet Selector 6

STEP 6: Now repeat steps 3 to 5 for “Forecast” sheet. There you should get False in filter.

Sheet Selector 7

Sheet Selector 8

STEP 7: Create a dashboard, and drag Performance Sheet first there you will notice that Sheet Selector has selected option as “Performance ”.

Sheet Selector 9

STEP 8: Select option Forecast in “Sheet Selector”, sheet will disappear but title will create some problem. So hide title. Your view will look like:

Sheet Selector 10


See my previous post on Dynamic Titles, to give titles to these sheets.

STEP 9: Drag Forecast to area, make it floating

Adjust the filters and graph, and hide title

Sheet Selector 11

Your sheet selector is ready, change select and see the worksheet is getting changed on dashboard.

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