Beginning with Python

When some people are still fighting with “which one is better, R or SAS” there is another language which is coming into the fight called python. It is also an open-source programming language like R which will definitely add more weights in fight against SAS lovers.

There are multiple ways to start using python.

There is a website

In the above URL we can try python syntaxes interactively.  But that is totally for the beginners but if we want to do real task in python, try statistical functions or do data cleaning we need python in our system.

We can download Python from this link, download appropriate version for your system. This will give you a non-interactive command screen where you can type and execute python commands. But if you need a user-friendly IDE for python “Anaconda” would be the best one.  Yes although the name “Anaconda” sounds strange it is the IDE for python, also it avails a notebook facility in python.  Anaconda is available for free; you can download it from

After installing Anaconda many options are open to use. Ipython Notebook is available which will start a local server and open an interactive python GUI in our default browser where we can create our own Notebook ( We will discuss this in later post)

Inside Anaconda there is an option called “Spyder” which is our actual GUI where we can run python programs in editor as well as in console just like R in R-studio.

If we want to use python in its typical cmd prompt we can use “Ipython” or “Ipython QTConsole” inside Anaconda.

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