boruta Algorithm

Boruta Algorithm

While working on Machine Learning/Predictive Modelling problems, feature selection is an important step. It is because, we get a dataset with too many variables in practical model building problems in which all variables are not relevant to the problem, and this we don’t know in advance. Also, there are some disadvantages of using all given[…]

Solution of Errors Faced while creating WordCloud and TermDocumene Matrix in R

I have faced two issues, which I thought of sharing with you all: First one is: Error in UseMethod(“meta”, x) : no applicable method for ‘meta’ applied to an object of class “character” To resolve this issue: Use content_Transformer(tolower), you will get rid of above error. corpus=Corpus(VectorSource(df1$message)) corpus=tm_map(corpus,content_transformer(tolower)) corpus=tm_map(corpus,removePunctuation) corpus=tm_map(corpus,removeNumbers) corpus=tm_map(corpus,removeWords,stopwords(“en”)) corpus=Corpus(VectorSource(corpus)) tdm=TermDocumentMatrix(corpus) Second Issue[…]


Practice R online interactively

When you start learning any new programming language first question comes to your mind is “Where do I get the syntaxes and how to try them” Like other programming languages “R” also has its own interface(R-Console) and also a better one called “R-Studio” You can download “R-Console” from here or latest version from R-studio is available[…]