Solution of Errors Faced while creating WordCloud and TermDocumene Matrix in R

I have faced two issues, which I thought of sharing with you all: First one is: Error in UseMethod(“meta”, x) : no applicable method for ‘meta’ applied to an object of class “character” To resolve this issue: Use content_Transformer(tolower), you will get rid of above error. corpus=Corpus(VectorSource(df1$message)) corpus=tm_map(corpus,content_transformer(tolower)) corpus=tm_map(corpus,removePunctuation) corpus=tm_map(corpus,removeNumbers) corpus=tm_map(corpus,removeWords,stopwords(“en”)) corpus=Corpus(VectorSource(corpus)) tdm=TermDocumentMatrix(corpus) Second Issue[…]

XGBoost Algorithm

Applying XGBoost algorithm on data set given in “Otto Group Product Classification Challenge” in Kaggle. Install XGBoost package in R Understanding of Data: a. Id: unique ID of a product b. feat_1 to feat_93: 93 features given for a product c. target: class of a product labelled as “class_1”, “class_2”…., “class_9” (response variable) Check missing[…]