Portfolio Optimization-II (handling “short” position)

Instead of using OptWeights function created in last post, we will use portfolio.optim function which is present in “tseries” library to handle “short” position stocks. Therefore make sure to have “tseries” package installed before running this code: First, lets check the weights when “short” positioning of stocks are allowed: It is same to what we[…]

Portfolio Optimization – I

What is meant by portfolio optimization? Portfolio means grouping of financial assets like Bonds, stocks etc. Portfolio optimization is the process of choosing the proportions of various assets to be held in a portfolio so that with min risk one can get maximum return. Suppose we want to make a portfolio consisting of 5 tyre[…]

Word Cloud from Tweets on Twitter

We have done popularity comparison using tweets from twitter. Now we will try something interesting. We will create word cloud from this. This is also an example of text ming using R Initial Settings: Whatever we have in popularity comparison, we need to follow same steps to connect R with Twitter for fetching data. Refer[…]

Analysis of Tweets on Twitter

We will do Popularity Comparison(between FIFA World Cup 2014 and IPL)using R   Steps to be followed: Step 1 – Create Twitter App This is an important step as this provides a way of proving to Twitter that “who you are, when you search for (or post) tweets” from a software application. The folks at[…]