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Voting problem using string operation – python

Here we will discuss about how do we write a program to find out which person voted for each radish preference using string operations For that we have a text file which we need to save in our computer and give path to python. You can download the input file from After that run[…]


Beginning with Python

When some people are still fighting with “which one is better, R or SAS” there is another language which is coming into the fight called python. It is also an open-source programming language like R which will definitely add more weights in fight against SAS lovers. There are multiple ways to start using python. There[…]


Practice R online interactively

When you start learning any new programming language first question comes to your mind is “Where do I get the syntaxes and how to try them” Like other programming languages “R” also has its own interface(R-Console) and also a better one called “R-Studio” You can download “R-Console” from here or latest version from R-studio is available[…]