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Linear Regression

What is Linear Regression? It is a predictive analysis technique. With this technique we can predict a variable called as response variable (or dependent variable) using one or more explanatory variables (or independent or predictor variables). When there is only one predictor variable, then method is called as simple regression otherwise multiple regression. Linear regression consists[…]

XGBoost Algorithm

Applying XGBoost algorithm on data set given in “Otto Group Product Classification Challenge” in Kaggle. Install XGBoost package in R Understanding of Data: a. Id: unique ID of a product b. feat_1 to feat_93: 93 features given for a product c. target: class of a product labelled as “class_1”, “class_2”…., “class_9” (response variable) Check missing[…]

How to put Sheet Selector option in Tableau Dashboard

While creating a dashboard, I came across this which I am sharing with you all. It is a way to put sheet selector option in dashboards to switch between two sheets. Let’s start working on Superstore visualization present in Tableau 9, concentrate on two sheets: “Performance” and “Forecast” Follow below steps one by one: STEP 1:[…]

Swapping of titles as Sheet Swaps in Tableau Dashboard

First let me introduce what TABLEAU is? This I have taken from Wikipedia and Tableau software site. Tableau Software is an American computer software company having it’s headquarter in Seattle, Washington. It has produced a family of interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence. Tableau offers five main products: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau[…]